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  • Seçkin AYDIN

"GlobaliFashion; Czech Republic 2011 / Estonia 2012"

Güncelleme tarihi: 23 Oca 2021

The aim of the project is to reveal the negative effects of globalization on cultural differences by sampling an ironic language. This project emphasises globalising homogeneous clothing culture, by using the colorless and transparent industrial product, bubblewrap. Additionally, using small particles that belong to local culture, the culture becomes symbolic and dysfunctional. Bubblewrap is used for the safety and isolation of the person living in this unsecured situation due to unclearness of the borders.

"GlobaliFashion" will take place in different countries and regions, with the support of professionals in these places. It will be a series of responses to each different location, remaining faithful to the local culture of that place through thorough research and documentaion. The documents will be exhibited with the artworks. Thus, this project will be partly documentary.

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